Snap & publish instant custom campaigns +
Expand your customer reach with every sale

Make your campaigns effortless as you don’t need to be a marketing expert to send beautifully crafted, on-brand campaigns, no more late-night struggles with design

Safe QR Code Menu & Safety Measures +
protects your customers

Replace paper-based menus with digital QR code Menu, snap & upload solution for restaurants catering menu & daily check list with free cloud storage


Whatever social media channels you’re on, it's time to turn up your social game with our instant Social Campaigns


Measure Impact & growth solution for restaurants to generate repeat business the easy way. Reward your regular customers with mouth-watering loyalty coupons exclusively from GQ!

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How it works

GrabQpons provide a way to boost sales with well-informed and smartly executed campaigns! Have access to rich customer insights with automatic data gathering so you can leverage your promotions and coupons to your advantage. Meanwhile you can also establish loyalty for repeating, Lost customers quickly and easily with GrabQpons, hungry diners can browse your restaurant and order for contactless dining or takeout or delivery with you. It’s a win-win for everyone!


Step 1

Register your business.


Step 2

Update business info and upload images.


Step 3

Publish campaigns directly at real time in less than 60 seconds.

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Awesome Benefits

Get discovered on social media. Meet your customers where they are. Choose from a variety of simple banner tempaltes with sample text and customizable features to help you create social campaigns.Make your campaigns effortless with automated campaigns by setting up recurring campaigns

Don’t Wait for Happy Hour!

COVID Precautions

GrabQpons Partners App, lets your staff upload restaurant inside & ouside pictures for visual hygienic conditions

More Customers, Less Effort!

More Customers, Less Effort!

Tired of hustling to fill tables on slow nights? Let GQ find hungry diners and send them to you!

is Word of Mouth Too Slow?

Is Word of Mouth Too Slow?

Don’t wait for word of mouth. Get found on GQ, a free location-based app where people discover new restaurants all the time.

Boost Customer Loyalty!

Boost Customer Loyalty!

Generate repeat business the easy way. Reward your regular customers with mouth-watering loyalty coupons exclusively from GQ!

Solve Your Customers’ Dilemmas!

Solve Your Customers’ Dilemmas!

Solve your customers’ dilemma of “Where do you wanna eat?” Make their decision a no-brainer with a flash deal on GQ!

Good Food, Good Deal!

Good Food, Good Deal!

Help your customers make the easy choice to dine with you by offering discounts during your slow hours. Win-win!

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Pricing Table

As restaurants begin to reopen in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, customer capacity limits will be strictly enforced as a safety measure. This means that it’s even more important for a restaurant to fill every available seat, and incentivize diners with great deals along with Take out and Delivery services.

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Advertise Smarter - Make your brand shine with just a few clicks- No setup fee, No commissions

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  • Digital QR code menu Page with google reviews & Unlimited orders
  • Advertise upto 20 campaigns per month without any design skills
  • Upsell menu items and accept payments at restaurant your way
  • Engage diners with Instagram. Save time with templates,banners and automated campaigns
  • SMS, fax, email order notifications
  • Feasible website review for SEO, Ease-of-Use of your Website & Mobile friendly website development with No hosting Expenses

Pay Per Performance


A PERFECT, businesses with limited online, instore promotions, sales & marketing.

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    • Digital QR code menu Page with google reviews & Unlimited orders
    • Advertise upto 100 campaigns per month without any design skills
    • Upsell menu items and accept payments at restaurant your way
    • Engage diners with Instagram. Save time with templates,banners and automated campaigns
    • SMS, fax, email order notifications
    • Ease-of-Use of your Website & Mobile friendly secured website development with delivery & Social Mdedial Channel integration and live deals, no hosting, SSL cerificates Expenses
    • Reduces overhead of digital marketing cost! Provides Customers Data and Analytics
    • Supports multiple virtual locations for food trucks and food@work online ordering
    • Branded Custom App development( Play store App) for Chain Business
    • Delivery Integrated ordering and real time delivery experience for restaurant operators with GQ Riders App
    • Weekly Direct Bank deposit for online orders( No more hassle to go to bank for check deposit or check mail delays)
    • Customer pay small convenience Flat Fee upto 2% for each Orders
    • No setup fee, no contracts, a fee of 3% on sales subtotal for online orders, $2 per in-store sales ticket & minimal $3 Braintree Subscription free per month

GrabQpons is offering FREE branded app development services to its chain partner restaurants with premium GrabQpons membership. Your Brand, your customers and your food. Any chain businesses can have their own branded App(IOS/Android) to customers with a discounted flat Fee of $199 yearly per each location with no additional App development cost! For more details call /text us at (832) 409-1920 / (210) 692-4344‬.‬

Some of Our Partners

About GrabQpons Partners

The GrabQpons platform supports post-COVID-19 restrictions by allowing restaurant owners to control their footprint traffic with time- and limit-based seating, including party size; and by promoting available inventory and specials instantly by capturing dish images for Contactless takeout or Delivery.

Our Mobile / Tablet App

On-Demand Sales: If you need to fill empty tables with limited capacity or promote specials, simply schedule or publish a “flash/special sale” in less than 60 seconds. When you make your restaurant customers happier, you’ll increase your revenue and your restaurant’s profitability. No more paper flyers or static coupons!

Demographics & Location: GQ uses location-based demographic data to create compelling advertising on Google, Facebook and other platforms to give your restaurant more exposure, and more business.

Dashboard & Loyalty: Track orders and customers usage in real time through the GQ dashboard. Access customers data, track loyalty, and publish personalized coupons to create a tribe of loyal and engaged customers! Elite coupons is a great way to encourage repeat business and word of mouth referrals.

  • More control
  • More customers
  • More revenue
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the app work to get me business?

The app gets you business by allowing you to set your own schedule for discounts and publish them in real time on the app. For example, if your slow times are between 4-6PM on Tuesdays, you can publish a discount only good during that time. App users in the area are alerted to this “flash sale” discount (a deal that is not available anywhere else), and make the decision to dine with you.

2. How can I expect my business to grow?

As more and more people use the app, you will have access to an ever-growing number of diners looking for great deals on restaurant meals. Discovery of your restaurant via the app will help your business grow, and you can also expect repeat visits from diners who are attracted by a good deal that isn’t advertised anywhere else.

3. How will people find the app (and my restaurant)?

The app is available on the App Store (IOS) and the Play Store (Android), and we are constantly marketing it to bring in new diners. Once a customer downloads the app, they will see local partner restaurants that are offering a flash deal.

4. Where do I access my customer data and analytics?

You can access your customer data and analytics via the Insights feature in the Partner Web Portal at

5. Can my customers get deals on takeout or delivery or just dine-in?

GrabQpons discounts are available for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. Your customers can make reservations via the app, as well as order takeout and delivery. This way, they can have exactly the dining experience they want, when they want it—and you grow your business through increased traffic.

6. Is it easy to post menu changes on the app?

Absolutely! This feature is available to our plus members (our $119/month plan). We encourage our partners to freshen up their menu periodically through our Menu Management feature in the Partners Web Portal ( This will to attract new business and or to entice repeat business from diners who love what restaurants offer but are looking for a bit of a change.

7. Is the pay per performance plan for a limited time?

No, you can use the pay per performance plan as long as you want! We are former restaurant owners who recognize the value of paying as you go before you enroll or subscribe to a monthly or annual plan. We also believe in the concept of paying it forward and supporting local restaurants. We are confident that you will love what GrabQpons can do for your business and confident that you’ll spread the word. And if you want to be more strategic about your marketing approach—especially if you aren’t a marketer and/or don’t have time to develop and execute a marketing strategy—you are welcome at any time to upgrade to one of the monthly/annual plans. Again, there is no pressure, and never will be!

8. Are you like Groupon or GrubHub?

No, our model is closer to sites like Our mission is to help you fill empty seats, especially during your traditionally slow times. Offering deals is a proven way to drive business, but the deals perform best when they are convenience-driven and offer discounts when people want to eat, and when they’re in the area. Exclusive deals (in this case, exclusive to GrabQpons) that are not advertised to the general public also drive emotional decisions, as people love to be part of the “in” crowd who get special deals.

10. How does GrabQpons make money?

We offer a robust plans because we believe in supporting local restaurants, Pay per Performance plan or free trial is a great way for restaurants to test drive GrabQpons. Many restaurants experience a quick boost in business, and they choose to upgrade to one of our monthly plans which offer more features to restaurant owners looking to increase their marketing reach and gain a larger market share.

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