Does it hurt your restaurant brand to use coupons to entice repeat customers? Some will say yes, because if people get used to receiving discounted meals, they will never dine with you if they have to pay full price. Others will say no, because some profit is better than no profit.

So who’s right?

Fortunately, using coupons can improve your bottom line - but you have to play the game right. In this article we will discuss a simple and surprising trick to get people to dine with you over and over again.

With that said, you don’t want to give discounts in certain situations. For example, you don’t need to offer coupons if you have a consistent cash flow from loyal repeat customers. However, you’re probably not one of those lucky few, if you’re reading this!

If you need to boost income and increase the number of repeat customers, then offering discount coupons is the fastest way to get the job done.

An amazing irresistible offer is going to get people in the door not just once but consistently. How amazing does that offer have to be?

It’s not the discount, it’s the message behind the discount that matters.

And old-school hard-sell like - “bring in your coupon to get 20% off your entree” screams of desperation.

However, you can offer a 20% discount with a different message, and build instant credibility and trust, not to mention sparking intense desire.

Think about the entire “journey” that your diners are on when they’re with you. You can be totally upfront about wanting to grow the restaurant, but think about what’s in it for them. It’s more than a cheap(er) meal, it’s about the experience they’re going to have with you.

So market your coupons this way: as a thank you, not just as a welcome.

It’s the attitude of “giving back to the people who have made us successful.”

People LOVE to be part of something good, something thriving, and they love to be recognized for their part. This is the same philosophy behind anniversary parties for businesses, or loyalty cards. It all comes down to our primal need to belong. This tribal instinct is so ingrained in us, that we don’t really think about it consciously. But by offering discount coupons as a thank you, you’re sending the message that they’re already part of your “tribe” and they’ll respond with loyalty.

And don’t forget to make your coupons easily accessible to anyone looking to eat out today. Using a mobile coupon app such as Grab Qpons will ensure that people will discover your coupons - so you can wow them with your dining experience, make them feel part of the tribe, and welcome them back time and time again.