Most restaurants struggle with filing tables during off-peak hours. But the traditional way of offering restaurant coupons isn’t working as well as promised… or you wouldn’t have off-peak hours!

Imagine this: it’s 6PM on a Tuesday night. You have ten tables but the only diners are two four-tops and a two-top… and the rest of your tables sit empty. Your wait staff and kitchen staff are standing around, idle, on your dime. Inside, you’re mentally adding up the night’s numbers and wondering how much perfectly good food you’re going to have to throw out. As the minutes tick by, your stress levels are going through the roof.


You notice that you have some tables to fill, so you pull out your phone, click on the GrabQpons app, and within 60 seconds, you’re announcing to every local diner who’s online looking for places to eat, that you are running a “flash sale” special on your best-selling seafood dish plus a free appetizer for the table and happy hour pricing on drinks. Who can resist that?

Within minutes, a few reservations come in from people who were thinking about going out tonight, but were on the fence about where to go. You just gave them a reason to dine with you! As the evening progresses, you announce that you’ve extended the happy hour special, and more people take you up on it.

Can you see where this is going? By choosing the specials you want to promote, YOU are in complete control of what food gets sold (so you avoid the expense of food waste), when it gets sold, and for how much.

You don’t have to have slow periods, even as other local restaurants are going through the same thing. Using the reach of the Internet and the simplicity and convenience of GrabQpons, you can advertise last-minute deals when you need to boost business instead of gritting your teeth and waiting for the weekend to (hopefully) make up for slow midweek sales.

With you in control of reaching out to diners and enticing them through the door with last-minute real-time deals, you can adjust your offerings based on how much business you need to generate during that time - and on the other side of that, how much food you need to sell before it needs to be thrown out.