Did you know that more first-time buying decisions are made when people are offered savings through a coupon? Coupons help you convert prospects into loyal customers because you’re giving people valuable incentives. They can also create engagement and spread awareness about your brands on social media.

In today’s marketplace, social media coupon strategies are widely accepted as effective ways to gain new customers. Social coupons are digital coupons that are delivered via social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. This makes it easier to reach more customers in real time, wherever they are, on any device.

Social media coupons can be lifesavers for businesses! Marketing studies have shown that 4 out of 5 people use their smartphone to shop, from wherever they are: the coffee shop, work, the gym, the library, or while commuting.

Find customers on social media; don’t wait for them to come to you.

Today’s customers are on the go, busy, and most don’t have time for old-school coupon clipping. They want to know where the best deals are - right now. But at the same time, there are many potential customers out there who don’t even realize you exist, and they are not actively shopping or looking for deals. If they aren’t looking for you, you have to go look for them.

Since your customers are on social media anyway, it’s wise to take advantage of this as an opportunity to say hello and introduce your brand. Social media coupons are often presented as simple posts that aren’t obviously salesy - maybe they tell a story about a product, or give some useful information, and within that post is a brilliant opportunity to extend a welcoming hand by offering a coupon.

Don’t think of coupons simply as an opportunity to sell items at a discount. Think of it as a “foot in the door” strategy that helps you make a favorable first impression and reward people for doing business with you. People love to be rewarded. When faced with choices, people are more likely to do business with a company that isn’t shy about offering discounts.

Think about the ads you see on Facebook. They almost always offer a discount for first-time buyers. Once you’ve clicked on the ad and claimed your coupon, you’re more likely to do business with that brand again.

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