One reason many people avoid couponing is because of the notion that you have to go through the Sunday paper to get coupons on items you might need. For time-challenged people who want to save their precious time for other things, couponing used to be something to avoid.

However, there’s no reason you can’t be time-challenged and avoid paying retail! Luckily in the digital age, there are coupon apps that make it easy for even the busiest people to save a lot of money on everything from groceries to fine dining to excursions.

Use Mobile Apps

Mobile apps offer a huge variety of savings both online and in your local area. They include early bird coupons, special deals, last-minute offers. With more and more retailers and restaurants opting to go digital, it’s easier than ever to find amazing discounts from local shops and restaurants.

Mobile apps let you browse and discover deals - and nothing is more fun that discovering an amazing deal you had no idea existed. You seriously don’t have to pay retail prices very often in today’s marketplace! Best of all, once you’ve got your heart set on a certain item or dining experience, mobile apps notify you instantly when a new coupon becomes available.

When it comes to grocery shopping, many grocers now have in-store apps that track your purchases, recommend savings, and apply discounts and even cash back promotions to your customer loyalty card.

Keeping life spontaneous is the biggest advantage of mobile coupon apps. Given the huge variety of shopping and dining choices linked to a mobile app, you can easily find great deals at local shops and restaurants at a moment’s notice.

For a spontaneous dinner out, GrabQpons is a leading trusted marketplace that connects restaurant businesses and diners seeking value on dining experiences.

Be Organized

Outside of mobile apps, being organized with your coupons is the best way to easily access them where and when you need them.

While it does take time to sort through offers and clip the right coupons, the savings can really add up if you stay organized.

The best way to organize your coupons is to file them in an accordion folder as soon as you get them. We recommend sorting coupons by category and expiration date. Keep the folder handy - in plain sight - so you remember to use the coupons you’ve spent time clipping before they expire. Once you’ve gotten in the habit of grabbing the relevant coupons as you’re headed out the door, it’s a no-brainer to save money on every shopping trip.

A Worthwhile Investment

Done right, couponing can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year on things you would spend money on anyway. To enjoy significant savings using coupons, we recommend using a mobile app such as Grab Qpons, and keeping physical coupons well organized and easily accessible.