What would it mean for you to increase your off-peak business by up to 50% - far more than you can expect with Groupon or OpenTable?

That’s exactly what Gerry N did. Simply by signing up for GrabQpons and offering real-time deals to diners during off-peak hours, Gerry N boosted his normally dismal Tuesday and Wednesday night business by $450 each night on average. A pretty good return... especially since this boost came during his first free trial month with GrabQpons!

What would it mean to you if your customers could access real-time deals?

In a market where restaurants are in cutthroat competition with delivery apps and it’s a struggle to gain exposure and to maintain customer loyalty, a new approach is needed. GrabQpons is uniquely equipped to solve your slow hours/off-peak problem. Increase your exposure to hungry diners and control your revenue by offering instant real-time discounts when you need to boost business.

Check out how much you can save with our “No More Slow Hours Calculator”!


Estimated Sales Increase for Slow Hours in a day through promotions

$ - $

Note: Low demand hours are determined based on the national average

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For restaurants looking to improve their Low demand hours revenue & advertising. GrabQpons partners is a new and unique experiment to see if Artificial Intelligence can generate more revenue for restaurants with little or no human effort!